About us

Bukowski Design AB is a family owned business that designs, manufactures, markets and sells teddy bears and other plush toys to customers around the world.
The success of our teddy bears can only be explained by their unique design and the thought process that goes into every product. each teddy bear is based on a real human being, which makes them all that much more lifelike!



Bukowski Design AB started its business in 1990.

Barbara Bukowski started with designing teddy bears and rabbits to both of her sons, and these early pioneers are to this day still hugged and loved!

She gathered inspiration from older German and English models that, among others, where designed by Margareta Steiff. The first time she exhibited her creations was in a small fair in Sollentuna. At this point success was still largely uncertain but the products that she showed drew more attention than any other!

Upon receiving this spectacular confirmation that there indeed was a large interest for her designed teddy bears Barbara Bukowski gave it her all to create and establish Bukowski Design AB as one of the leading producers of soft toys in Scandinavia.

Barbara Bukowski