Your teddy bear is one of the most faithful friends you will ever have. Do not hesitate to tell him all your secrets, because he will be yours forever.

He will never leave you alone, or sneak away on his own adventures. Whether life brings joy or grief you can share it with him.

Give him a lot of love and warmth and you will be inseparable for the rest of your life!


Quality & Safety

All products produced by Bukowski Design AB are made of completely new, non-recycled, materials of highest quality.

All of our soft toys have a sewn in CE label where you can find washing instructions and contact information if you would have any questions regarding your product. There is additional information available on the paper-tag attached to the product at purchase. In this label you can find out how it came to life and what its name is.

On top of this all of our products naturally live up to the CE regulations according to the testing method EN 71-1/2.
All of our products are washable in 30 degrees handwash and are flameproof. If your product has plastic eyes they are double-locked, making it near impossible to drag them out – especially for a child.



Soft and liquid repellent
Secured in sewn bags

"Plastic beans"

Secured in sewn bags
All teddybears are marked with a CE label


All teddybears are marked with a CE label
All baby products have hand embroidered parts

"Hand embroidered"

All baby products have hand embroidered parts


In addition to our standard productions we frequently do special productions for corporations and larger customers.

The products that have been produced have had numerous uses and ranged between employee gifts to marketing and charity. Many famous companies and personalities have used this opportunity to have a custom made plush animal produced for them.

We have productions on a regular basis for large and well known Swedish companies such as Volvo, Handelsbanken, Cloetta, to name a few.

You are always welcome to contact us for further information!